My Equipment at this moment.

Expert Electronics SunSDR2 HF+6m SDR Transceiver
Acom 600S HF+6m Amplifier
Mirmidon MPS-2030D Power Supply
IZ8GCE AS-4 Remote Antenna Switch
Airspy R2 24–1800 MHz SDR Receiver
Dell Precission 490 Workstation
LogHX3 Log Software
Hexbeam Carmobeam 4 to 20 meters Beam
Yaesu G-450 Rotator
EA4TX ARS-USB Rotator Interface
Ecoflex 10 Coaxial cable

Special thank's for the help in my returning to: Manoli Angosto, My Father EA5CEE (SK), Toni EA5RM, Miguel EA5IK, Salva EA5ELF, Javi EA5KM, Juanma EC5AN (HAMBUY) and my mother Maria Luisa.